Happy Ending Massages in USA
The most common question from newbies is: "What is a happy ending?". Well, a "happy ending" is when the massage ends with sexual contact, most of the time masturbation (masturbation). Happy endings are available to both male and female clients, although men are more likely to seek out erotic massages.

Where can I find a happy ending massage?
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Happy Ending Massage Parlor
Happy endings are illegal in the United States and cannot be performed in legal spas. If you're in a good spa looking for a happy ending, or signaling through suggestive moans and friction, you're likely to encounter a mortified massage therapist who will warn you that if you don't stop or you're in Worst case scenario, she will end the massage with accusations against you.

However, there are many "erotic massage parlors" that are basically fronts for prostitution, just like the old fashioned "Asian massage parlors". In the US, they're often in the news for being raided and closed - keep this in mind if you're tempted.

There seems to be something wrong with service wording that suggests a massage might have a happy ending, such as "body massage," "table massage," "body massage," "shower gel," "thigh massage," or "oriental flair." Asian massage has a long and glorious history, but it's also sometimes synonymous with happy endings and prostitution.

Another hint of a happy ending on the massage menu is the name of the "spa" itself ("Sensual Spa") or even the appearance - a bit shabby or uninviting with a neon sign or small sign. The window says "Open". In these establishments, the "masseur" may wear high heels, "accidentally" touch your private parts while massaging your back, then give you an uninvited handjob when you turn over, or demand money for a sex session. Happy ending.

You should never seek your happy ending in a legitimate spa around the world or in an in-room massage at a hotel. Doing so may make you feel embarrassed and cause the massage session to end quickly.

Female happy ending massage
Girls interested in happy endings may have more luck at legitimate spas, where there are male therapists willing to push the boundaries. But you also get a lecture from the therapist on how he can't risk his job.

Where are happy endings legal?
In countries where prostitution is allowed, happy endings are usually legal. Happy endings are common in massage parlors in London, across Germany, and in cities in Thailand and Japan. Cebu City in the Philippines is famous for its lingam massages but is considering banning them.